Thursday, 29 January 2015


We had a journal page swap called "Solace" which is part of an all year theme of "Nature's Blessings".
Solace and comfort for me is the sea and with the waves coming in. I love the noise and it seems to take all your troubles back out to sea with it again, so I made a sea scene, or tried. I haven't used acrylic paints before and I can see by my results that I was a bit heavy on the colour and so you can't really see all the layers I've made underneath.
I do hope my partner receives it, yet again, been en route for a while.
I'm hoping that practice makes perfect in my mixed media projects and that i can make a better job of the next one.
This is the one I received from my partner and I love the simplicity and the softness of it.
received from L. Wilson


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