Thursday, 29 January 2015

Wild Animal ATC mingle

ATC mingle Wild Animals. I used the napkin technique.


Floral swap

ATCs for a Floral Swap using the tissue paper technique and my poor attempts trying to get my pen to write on the shaving cream backgrounds. Need a new pen now, but have learnt something.


Penguin swap

ATCs for a penguin swap, using shaving cream technique backgrounds for 2 of them.


Postcard - letter "R"

The next postcard swap was with the letter "R" and using distress inks. My partner has received it already.
I wasn't at all pleased with how it turned out, but I s'pose that's how it goes in mixed media, I just let my hands get on with it and something totally different came out of it as I expected.
Better luck next time I hope.

This was the postcard my partner sent to me.
card by Lisa Robinson

TH_January Tag 2015 #12tagsof2015

We also did a swap with the Tim Holtz 2015 January Tag  #12tagsof2015 
This is mine and my partner has received it.
I didn't have any of the ingredients that were stated for making this but managed somehow.
This is the tag I received from my partner today. Just love it
Tag from Stacy Cook


Postcard "A"

This is another swap we did, a postcard Teesha style with a raised letter "A".
I know my partner received this one but I haven't received mine in return yet.
This is one I really enjoyed doing.
The background I used is one of my teabag tiles printed off large.



We had a journal page swap called "Solace" which is part of an all year theme of "Nature's Blessings".
Solace and comfort for me is the sea and with the waves coming in. I love the noise and it seems to take all your troubles back out to sea with it again, so I made a sea scene, or tried. I haven't used acrylic paints before and I can see by my results that I was a bit heavy on the colour and so you can't really see all the layers I've made underneath.
I do hope my partner receives it, yet again, been en route for a while.
I'm hoping that practice makes perfect in my mixed media projects and that i can make a better job of the next one.
This is the one I received from my partner and I love the simplicity and the softness of it.
received from L. Wilson


Flowers in her hair

Snowy day today so have time to get up-to-date........
This was my final try at the canvas we had to swap "Flowers in her hair"

My partner has now received it, and this is the one I received from my partner and I was pleased to see that it is similar to the one I made, as I was reluctant to part with mine, it being my first canvas.