Sunday, 16 November 2014

I have joined a mixed media group which I'm enjoying and it's really pushing me into crafting which is good.
Here is a tag I had to do for a swap called "Elephants can fly"
I love tags and must say I really enjoyed doing this once I started. I crumpled the tag and sponged with ink and sprayed with a little water. After ironing it out to try to flatten it, I used a stencil and some modelling cream. Had no idea what to do for a flying elephant so chose to make it pink and used some butterfly wings I had, added some brown burlap to earth the whole thing again and added an appropriate saying.


1 comment:

Mary R. said...

great tag with the flying elephen
I really like it too what is the molding past you used and why did you used it what was it for I need to do things like in a mixmeada also
I am always thinking i dont do things good enough to do diffrent techquie...Thanks...